The Gasman Cometh (Fuck Trump) / Discordant Estates

by Bädr Vogu

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released January 20, 2017

Engineered by Brad Kobylczak at Moondog Studios in Alameda, Ca and New Improved Recording in Oakland, Ca.

Mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door Mastering

Cover art and design by Clint Baechle


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Gasman Cometh (Fuck Trump)
The train now standing on platform four, what will you do when the gas taps turn?
Where will you be when the bodies burn?
Will you just watch as the cattle trucks roll by?
Pretend it isn’t happening? Turn a blind eye?
See the army convoys quietly passing by?
Heard the helicopters in your little bit of sky?
Have you seen the cop cars packed with pigs in blue?
Have you ever wondered what they’re there to do?
Pictures in the papers of soldiers in the street, pictures in the history books of rotten human meat.
Aushwitz’s now a tourist spot for goggle eyed to pry, still in working order just for you and I.
Photos of the victims – of gas, of gun, of bomb, inheritance of violence in the bookshelves of your home.
Don’t wait for it to come to you, cuz come it surely will,
The guardians of the state are trained to search, destroy, and kill.

Trump is sitting at this moment, his finger on the trigger,
There’s celebrity and bigotry to make his violence figure.
Allegiance to the flag as they lock the prison door,
Allegiance to normality, that’s what televisions for.
God, Trump, and Country, they say we’ve got the choice,
Free speech for all if you’ve got no voice.
Propaganda on your news feed, here’s the way to live,
Not for you and me the alternative.
They look for peace in Syria with drones controlled by boys,
Torture in Guantanamo is another of their ploys.
They’ll keep us in line, by Christ, they’ll keep us on our toes,
But stand against their power and we’ll see how violence grows.
Read it in the paper about rebellious youth,
But it’s them that are so violent, it’s them that hide the truth.
Stay in line or pay the cost, do you think they care if another life’s lost?

Auschwitz’s now a tourist spot for goggle eyed to pry,
Still in working order just for you and I.

To ashes at Auschwitz, it’s just a small leap, from bullets in Oakland, life is cheap.
Don’t think they won’t do it, cuz they already do, but this time round the pawns are me and you.
Fuck Trump. Fuck Pence. Fight Back.
Track Name: Discordant Estates
Steel tombs stretch skyward like fingers clutching the throat,
Cookie-cutter plutocrats construct mass disparities.
Flood plains of desolation – graffiti buffed to dull grey,
Sanitized sanctions sabotage our sanctuaries.

Outpriced, outcast, down and out on the outside
The Golden Gate of discordant estates

Tech castles in the clouds uproot us from our homes,
Entitled, empty suits drag the dregs out to the streets.
Money talks so loud, lucre’s din mutes inequity,
Downtrodden masses forced to grovel at yuppies’ feet – techie scum.

Outpriced, outcast, down and out in the outside
The Golden Gate of discordant estates

A whitewashing inferno conflagrates culture into smoke.

Dislocated. Disparaged. Disjected. Displaced.
Expatriated. Excluded. Eviscerated. Erased.

Inclusive rhetoric slips from forked-tongues of vulgarians,
Arsonist nouveau clones with exorbitant livelihoods.
Cultural vultures gentrifying urban carrion,
Sifting through the ashes of our vanishing neighborhoods.
Progressive ghetto – locks its doors and bars its gates.
Privatized metropolis – a prefabricated caste-state.

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