by Bädr Vogu

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released July 8, 2011

On this recording Bädr Vogu was: Bryce, Sean, Justin, Joe, and Rob

Recorded in Fall of 2010 at Earhammer Studios by Salvador Raya in West Oakland, CA
Mastered by B.J Rigvey
Album art by Eric Radey



all rights reserved


Bädr Vogu Oakland, California

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Track Name: Wolves In The Ruins
A wolf cry echoes - the call of the wild
The alpha prepares for dawn's rising light
Howling choruses tear apart the night
A sound now dreaded, conjuring up fright
Evoke ancient times when the packs were strong
When wolf song filled the air, spread from sea to sea
Cometh pale hunter to devastate the land
To smite the devil's dogs, turn predator to prey
Civilization spread like a plague

Blighted by man, bounties for hides, demonized
Pennies for pelts, dollars for lives, genocide
Progress arrives, and with it nature's demise as smoke fills the sky
Wolf song vanished, hellhounds vanquished in the blink of an eye

But the day will come when mankind is gone
Wolf packs will reclaim their throne
Dens will fill the ruins as our metropolis decays
Packs will rule dead cities
Mankind begotten to worms
Howls will reverberate thru the crumbling remains of man's mistakes,
But wolf song remains the same.
In the wake of demise, wolf packs arise.
Track Name: Soliloquy Of Belligerence
Another night lost in the haze
My bloodshot eyes are glaring hell
My knuckles bloodied, I'm consumed by guilt
Self medicate my poisoned self
Drunk pariah, worthless lush
Troll the void of nights forgot
Burnt my bridges now I'm lost
Stranded on this awful isle
Drown my sorrows in tears and rye
Trembling hands erect ruins
Delirium tremens the fruit I bear
Nights are heaven, mornings hell
Left a hollow soulless shell
Blacked out alone, breeding regret, drinking to forget
Belligerent Soliloquy, I'm a meaningless leaning mess
My entire life lost in a haze, blacked out alone, breeding regret
My body aches, I'm consumed by guilt
Self medicate.
Wake up screaming to start again, cyclical like moon and tide
Kiss the bottle to lick my wounds, my whole life is a fucked up lie
Track Name: Nomad
Anxiety is killing me, overworked and underpaid
I can't take this shit another day, steel serpent steal me away
Hopeless vagabond that can't be sedentary
Fall off the wagon unto the night train
Knocking down the miles, cross-ties start to blur with my memories
Lost on endless lines
Each division point that I pass steel wheels hum me to sleep
The click-clack of the rails, the iron horse underfoot
Dirty-faced pauper king atop a throne of star filled skies
The years they drift away like days, with my worries miles behind

Depression is chasing as I chase the horizon
Keep running blindly but I can't escape myself
No one can ever change the way I am
Nomadic forever with the feral wanderlust
Track Name: Extinguished
The needle tightens its grip on you.
Noose round your neck, addiction addled slave.
Shame ridden tracks concealed.
Habit devours host with one foot in the grave.
Truth hidden, another face revealed.
Your eyes are mirrors reflecting a ghost.

Black tar death, your last breath comes with ease.
Injected disease, your end to pain shot in the vein.
Lost again, goodbye my friend.

Intravenous holocaust
Your life lost
A blue lipped smile of hopes defiled.
Your end to pain only the hurt still remains.
Track Name: Slumlord Blues
Shivering awake to the cacophony of the rats in the walls
Miserably soaked
From the waterfall cascading down, from the holes in my head and roof
Dark clouds constantly above me, on this sinking ship I drown
Suffering alone
The burning cold it pains my bones right to the fucking core
Eviction notice tacked on my front door
But four walls bring no comfort in this shithole
Permanently down on my luck
On the slumlords shit I choke
No power, no heat, just the bitter taste of defeat
Unseen hands round my own throat, I gasp for air and come up short
Track Name: Barons Of Filth
The sky rips apart, revealing the end
The end of our reign,
Lo, the horsemen call.
The barons of filth bearing suicide,
Monoliths collapse as the bombs fall.
The bearer of plague - disease we breed.
The feast of famine - we let it fallow the land.
The bringer of war - brought by our greed.
The curse of death - wrought with our own hands.

Cities reduced to dust, humanity scorched to ash
Bombay doors open wide, let missiles fall like rain
Ashes to ash, dust to dust, the blood on our hands won't eclipse
Insects gather to engorge on the remains of mankind
No judgment from above, we are our own apocalypse.
Self induced extinction.