by Bädr Vogu

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Scumbag Holy damn! Bädr Vogu have continued to improve and refine their sound to the point where they've unleashed this wild beast of an album upon us! Where I once had reservations about some of the aspects of their recordings, they've all been dispelled in grand style with this furiously engaging slab of blackened sludge monumentality! Favorite track: Narcotically Opaque.
Steven Aanonson
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Steven Aanonson You can perish any and all thoughts of finding a better death/doom album than Wroth in 2016. Such notions will come crashing down upon you, much like the mind-rending fury of Bädr Vogu's guitar driven onslaught. Favorite track: Anathema of Time.
Christian Petersen
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Christian Petersen Holy fuck, boys!

One of those rare times where and album made my draw literally drop and had me sitting in disbelief for a few seconds before comprehending the musical sledgehammer that just hit me in the face. Favorite track: Narcotically Opaque.
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Recorded in the Spring and Summer of 2015 at Earhammer Studios, in Oakland, Ca.

To order vinyl, visit: www.tribunaloftheaxe.com/shop/bdr-vogu-wroth-2lp


released July 16, 2016

Bädr Vogu is:
Chris Tanti - Bass
Justin Wonder - Drums
Sean Sokol - Vocals
Leo Buckley - Guitar
Bryce Shelton - Guitar

Recorded and mixed by Greg Wilkinson
Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR

Violins on "Of Misanthropy and Malaise" by Katy Egan and Christa Schmid

Artwork and design by Bryce Shelton



all rights reserved


Bädr Vogu Oakland, California

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Track Name: Copernican Theory
Alone, cast adrift amongst the luminous sea of stars.
Sidereal infinity, cyclical harmony,
The known universe constantly expands outward.
Circling a black hole of immense enormity.
Our sun, just a star, innumerable in the astral labyrinths.
Celestial absurdity, stellar deformity,
This rock maniacally traces its path around the sun.
Just an imperceptible glitch in the empyrean sky . . .
Earth is a miniscule mote of dust in the ether.
Yet, every pompous leech is the focus of cosmos
Every chunk of coal thinks it’s a diamond
Each insolent weed thinks it’s a rose.
Every louse believes the sun shines for them
Each noxious tumor with its own will to impose.
A vapid terrestrial hell, a self-centered dystopia.
The apotheosis of human ego:
A paroxysm of fecundity, a plague of proliferation
Seven billion “God blessed” unique snowflakes
Seven billion delusions of grandeur
Seven billion exceptionalist fantasies
Seven billion audacious parasites
Seven billion self-aware malignancies
Seven billion entitlement issues
Track Name: Anathema of Time
The grey mundane imbues another day
All my joys are charred to ash
The hour-glass bursts and spews decay
The sands of time, they slip away

I stagnate as life withers,
Decrepitude knocks at my front door.

Calamity stalks my indentured future
Time is a curse, my body’s a hearse
Chronic failure mars my past
Impending dark days, the die is cast

All my dreams are ground into dust
A blighted life of agony unfolds
Incessant strife, there’s no escape
Depression extolled, anathema of time
True finis sublime, anathema of time

Losing teeth, my body rots
Time drags by as my days reach their dusk
Let maggots feast as the soil reclaims my husk
All my dreams are ground into dust . . . dust
Track Name: Traitor
Mine eyes have seen the truth of your settler’s lies
Freedom is a myth drowned in amber waves of gold
Your greed, hidden in the specters of two towers
Bullets or ballots, either way, your democracy is void and sold

Narcissistic imbeciles waive your rights with your flags,
Nationalistic warmongers I hope your sons return in bags.
I renounce stars and stripes bathed in blood,
I disavow manifest destitution.
Be forewarned:

I refuse to pledge allegiance to your filthy rag,
or recite your ludicrous rote.
The land of the free is really just the home to slaves,
blinded by your hubris.
Consistently on the wrong side of history,
you write your own fiction.
The American dream is nothing but a nightmare,
made obscene by avarice.
History repeats and empires inevitably cease,
the writing is splayed upon the wall.
Denizens of this moribund empire, heed the funerary call.
Track Name: Beasts of Burden
Hand to mouth, check to check
Can’t keep your head above water from the sweat off of your brow
Ceaseless tedium
Punch the clock, toil the yoke
Assimilated to your chains, still the bosses hold the reins
Getting your hands dirty, working fingers to the bone
Mules and other brutes occupy our skins
Ceaseless tedium
Punch the clock, toil the yoke
Assimilated to your chains, still the bastards crack the reins
Working class pride, Protestant work ethic lies
Beasts of burden with wool pulled over eyes

Menial peon, subservient pig, servile vassal
Workhorse mentality
Obsequious drone, prostrate chattel, ignominious thrall
Temporal captivity

Expendable drones strive to bring honey to the hive,
Their sordid owners reap the gains and poorly recompense their pains
Groveling hordes swarm the hive - merely cogs in the machine
You are machine
We are machine
We’re all perpetually fucked, doomed, cursed.
Track Name: Deprogram
Life is lessons I unlearn from those who taught me all I know.
My entire futile life spent un-training my own mind.
Programmed from the very start to never step out of line.
Spare the rod and spoil the child,
The hands that mold they beat me blind.
The inescapable prison of this culture where I’m serving time:
Your church, your schools, your jails, your lies -
Inundate from birth till death.
Fettered by the shackles of didactic antiquity,
Dogmatically instructed to surrender with my every breathe.

Behind the bars of their paradigms,
Existence, my culpable crime, incarcerates and confines.

Deviate, forge your own path.
Deprogram, see through their guise.
Repudiate their panopticon.
Refuse to be catechized.

Shed the vestiges of mental slavery,
Break the chains of yore, revamp modernity,
Commit apostasy, reshape your pedagogy,
Reject antiquity as cerebral dystrophy,
Shed the vestiges, embrace autonomy,
Refuse to be confined,
Decolonize your mind,
Track Name: Narcotically Opaque
A ghastly history consumes your present irrational hell
Erosion, lunacy incurred - escapist hallucinations
A Xeroxed hollow copy of you
Perspective, narcotically opaque
Edges swiftly dim to a blur – existential dissipation

Dark past gnawing like locust
Bleak skies linger like hexes
Old wounds fester and rotten
Pale eyes closing like coffins.

Still traveling the road to nowhere,
Chasing the highs, numbing the pain.
Engulfed in addiction, fleeing despair,
Repeating mistakes, running in vain.
Narcotized opaqueness
I wish I could change this callous world,
I wish I could change.
Track Name: Deadweight
Crimson spurts explosively from perforated back,
Brandishing knife in hand, bellicosely sobbing foul play.
Propagate duplicities, feuding with reality.
Self-inflicted victimhood, insanity on display.
Denying culpability, martyr of your delusions.
Petulant revisionist wallowing in self-pity.

Words reek of excrement,
Actions glisten like gory daggers.
Scorched earth, napalmed bridges,
Solidarity and trust rabidly battered.
Venomous, insidious snake in the grass,
Lack of integrity cravenly innate.
Cleave the blight with a rusty blade,
Behead the viper, shed the dead weight.

Sniveling coward vomiting fallacies.
Invertebrate malefactor cultivating enmity.
Poisonous artifice, contrivances of jealousy.
Deadweight, fuck off and die!
Track Name: Of Misanthropy and Malaise