by Bädr Vogu

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This is our split with Wilt from Seattle, WA. It is available also as a 12"LP through Hermit Records.


released 23 November 2012

Recorded by Salvador Raya at Earhammer Studios in Oakland, Ca
Mastered by B.J. Rigney
Cover art by Eric Radey

On this recording Bädr Vogu was: Bryce, Sean, Justin, Joe, and Rob
Violin on "Apparitions" by Kaitlyn Egan



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feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: Gospel Of Greed
Preaching squalor upon deaf ears
The gospel of greed that binds and blinds us all
The masses toil without clarity
Sightless to blatant disparity
Slaving our lives away
The world bled fry for others gain
The many exist in poverty
While the few prosper in luxury
Blinded by the semblance of comfort
The carrot dangles just beyond our reach
But we're being force-fed their illusions
And we ignorantly just keep feeding
Blinded by the pittance of delusions
The fucked up prevarications of consumption
But we're being sold our own enslavement
Apathy the blood that we are weeping
Deafened by the racket of their distractions
The cadence of our own fucking fiscal thralldom
Fantasies of equality are lies
Bite the hand that feeds us their fucking scraps
The time has come for the tables to be turned
Bite the hand that feeds
Reject the gospel of greed
Track Name: Apparitions
Left staring at the photographs
Apparitions are all that are left
Memories age without you
If only love would die along with death
Ran with the hunted
The anguish of misspent youth
Passing times now gone
Live fast die young
I buried my brother today
Sorrow in place of my friend
Mourning as fluid as my breath
All my friends are ghosts
Track Name: Born Into This
This whole fucking planet was destroyed before I was born
Strangled by your profits by your so called progress
Stillborn into concrete
The seas already sewage
The air already poison
I cough up all my hopes
Born into this human cesspool
Born into this tyranny of fools
I'm left fucking hopeless
Civilization a funeral pyre
The fucking concrete spires rape the smog filled skies
I'm left fucking helpless
Nothing that I do can alter this death march
The future's fucking dire
Born into this
The disease called human
My birthright aborted by your progress
Cursed with a lifetime of shit and failure
Misanthropy courses through my body